• 16. - 19. February 2023
  • Messezentrum Salzburg

Price information for Hohen Jagd & Fischerei 2022

Space rental fee

Space requirements (subject to availability)

Stand Price per sqm
Row stand
135,00 €
Corner stand
147,00 €
End stand
150,00 €
Island stand
153,00 €

Marketing & service fee explained

Fee Price
Marketing & service fee explained
365,00 €

The marketing and service fee is already included when you register and covers the registration fee, 1 car park access ticket, a quota of exhibitor passes according to booth size, artists’ union duties, basic online corporate profile entry, basic entry in the printed exhibitor directory, variety of printed and electronic advertising means for your promotional activities.

Co-exhibitor fee (only for co-exhibitors)

includes Marketing- & Service Fee

Fee Price
Co-exhibitor fee
165,00 €


Are you interested in a complete stand?

More to come soon.


Online-Advertising possibilities for Exhibitors

More to come soon.